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Utility Billing

When do you begin paying for water, sewer, and trash?

Utility charges begin as soon as you take possession of the property. The individual requesting service is liable for all water used through that service until we receive notification to discontinue service (from a Title Company or if renting from the owner). Charges that become delinquent may result in a lien upon the property, as well as filing fees.

How often will you get billed?

The water/sewer bill is mailed around the 5th of the month.

Your water bill is based on monthly meter readings. You are charged for water that was used. Your bill is for the previous months water usage. Every month you will see a water charge. Our minimum water charge is $38.50 for the first 2000 gallons. After that, the water is $4.50 per thousand for usage of 2001 - 10,000 gallons and $5.50 per thousand for usage of 10,001 and up gallons. You will also see a charge for sewer at $28.00 and a charge for sewer debt at $22.00. The sewer debt is collections for sewer, it is separate for accounting purposes.

Trash - You will see on your bill a $15.00 charge for trash. The Town of Genoa will pick up your trash every Friday. Please have your trash out in front of your house by 8:00 am. We will only pick up bagged trash. We will not take furniture, appliances, branches, etc...  It must be in a bag.

All bills shall be paid on or before the 15th day of the month.

After the 15th, a five-dollar late fee is added to your bill. If your bill remains unpaid, on the 22nd of the month is shut off. There is a ninety-dollar reconnection charge to have your water turned back on.

Checks returned by the bank will also be treated as nonpayment. A returned check charge of $15, plus other applicable charges, will be added to your account. Accounts with three or more returned checks will be required to make future payments by cash, money order or cashiers check only.

Where can I make payments?

Payments by check can be made via U.S. mail or by cash, check, or credit card at Town Hall during normal business hours. Payments can be accepted online. Follow the link on the home page. The website is Payments can be dropped in our Payment Drop Box located at 305 Main. Payments will be taken from the drop box at 8:00 a.m., Monday through Friday. Payments received after 8:00 a.m., on a holiday or weekend, will be posted the following business day.

Reconnect, late penalty and disconnect policy

If the outstanding amount shown on the water bill isn't paid by the 22nd of the month, the customer will be scheduled for water service shut-off and notified of the scheduled turn-off. If charges remain unpaid as of the disconnect date on the delinquent billing notice, service will be disconnected. In order for service to be turned back on, all outstanding amounts, a reconnect fee, will be required. If the outstanding amount is paid before 4:00 p.m., water will be turned back on that same day. If the outstanding amount is paid after 4:00 p.m. water will be turned on the next business day.

Utility Service Application